Australasian Ballet Challenge

​​​Australasian Ballet Challenge 2020   Friday 17th- Sunday 19th January 
Syllabus and Entry Details
Classical Ballet Challenge
Senior   (15-19 years*)      1st Prize $2000    Runner-up $500  
Junior    (12-14 years*)     1st Prize $1500    Runner-up $750  
Sub-Junior (8-11years*)    1st  Prize $750      Runner–up $350    
Three Encouragement Awards of $250 each and Additional Scholarships to be announced 
NB. All entrants are required to attend a preliminary Classical Ballet Class and perform a classical solo /variation.  
Contemporary Dance

Senior   (15-19 years*)     1stPrize $500      Runner-up $300

Junior    (12-14 years*)     1stPrize $350      Runner-up $200
Sub-Junior (8-11years*)    1stPrize $250      Runner-up $75
NB.All entrants are required to attend a preliminary Contemporary Class and perform a contemporary solo.
All age groups *Ages as at 1 January 2020
Entries Close: COB Friday 6 December

Entry Fees:       
Classical Ballet Challenge:             Senior: $100.00                Junior: $85.00          Sub-Junior: $75.00
Contemporary Dance:                     Senior: $80.00                  Junior: $75.00       Sub-Junior: $50.00
NB: These entry fees include all classes, masterclasses, and access to the auditorium during the preliminary rounds. This does not give entrants access to the auditorium during the Finals.

Due to limited seating capacity if entrants wish to sit in the auditorium during the Finals performance, they will be required to purchase a ticket.
Entry Requirements and Regulations

  • All entrants in Classical Ballet sections will dance in the preliminary ballet class and perform their solo/variation before finalists are selected.

  • All entrants in Classical Ballet sections are required to perform in the Defilé and Finals Gala whether or not they reach the Finals.  For dress requirements for classes and Defilé see the Regulations attached. 

  • The auditorium will be closed to the public during classes and rehearsals except for those classes marked with an * which are open for teachers to view. 

  • All performances will be filmed and photographed, and these will be available to order. No other filming or photography will be permitted in the auditorium.

  • All entrants must be within the age group specified on January 1, 2020

  • All entrants must hold student status i.e. Not at any time having been paid to perform as a dancer for a period of more than 10 weeks in any one year.

  • The decision of the judging panel is final, and no correspondence will be entered in to. The organisers of this event are not part of the judging panel.

  • ABC reserves the right to use photography from this event may be used for future promotional material for this event.                                             

Classical Ballet Challenge 

Sub-Junior: Entrants should prepare a classical solo (maximum 2 ½ minutes) or variation from the Classical Repertoire list below.  (Please note music will be stopped at the 2 ½ minute mark and dancers asked to leave the stage if it is over the time limit.)
Girls may dance in pointe shoes.  Entrants should perform in a costume suitable for their chosen solo
Junior and Senior: Entrants must prepare a classical variation from the Classical Ballet Repertoire.
Juniors may perform in pointe shoes, demi pointe shoes or ballet flats as recommended by their teacher.
Senior Girls must dance in pointe shoes.  Entrants should perform in a costume suitable for their chosen solo
All Age Groups

  • All entrants must email a clearly named and numbered copy of their music to no later than Friday 10th January.  You will receive an email to confirm the receipt of your music. 

  • Dress for all ballet classes and defilé rehearsals is own choice of leotard style and colour (no skirts) for girls and tights or unitards for boys.

  • Grand Defilé Performance: Girls require black thin-strapped camisole style leotard, a short black chiffon wrap skirt, pink ballet tights and ballet flats and/or pointe shoes, white hair ribbon (individual choice of style). Boys require black tights, white short-sleeve leotard or singlet, white mid-length socks and white ballet flats.

Classical Variations
Please note: We strongly encourage students to perform age and skill appropriate solos. Students in Sub-Junior and Junior ages groups are permitted to perform on demi-pointe/ballet flats if they are not ready to perform en pointe. 
Sub- Junior, Junior and Senior Section Male and Female Variations should be selected from the Classical Repertoire of the following ballets providing they are under 2 ½ minutes.
Coppélia                               Diana & Acteon 
Don Quixote                         Fairy Doll 
Flower Festival at Genzano  Giselle 
Harlequinade                         La Bayadere 
La Esmeralda                        La Fille Mal Gardee  
La Sylphide                           Laurencia  
Le Corsaire                            Les Sylphides/Chopiniana  
Napoli                                   Paquita  
Raymonda                            Satanella 
The Flames of Paris             The Nutcracker Suite
The Sleeping Beauty            The Cavalry Halt 
The Talisman                       Walpurgis Nacht 
Pharaoh’s Daughter (ONLY SENIOR WOMEN)

Contemporary Dance
These sections are judged separately from the Classical Sections.  It is not necessary to enter the Classical section in order to enter in the Contemporary section. 
Three age groups as detailed above- Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior 
Sub-Junior-All entrants perform a contemporary solo with a maximum time limit of 2 ½ minuteswith own choice of choreography, music and appropriate costume. All entrants must also attend the Preliminary Contemporary class in their age group. Prize winners will be selected following the performance of solos.  There is no Final.
Junior & Senior– All entrants perform a contemporary solo with a maximum time limit of 2 ½ minuteswith own choice of choreography, music and appropriate costume. All entrants must attend the Contemporary Masterclass in their age group to be considered for the finals.   
Up to six finalists will be selected in each age group after all entrants have danced their contemporary solos and the preliminary class.  All Finalists will be given the opportunity to learn and be coached in an original piece of choreography of not more than 2 minutes by a member of our judging panel. All Finalists will perform this same original choreography in the Finals. 
Entrants should wear black camisole leotard or singlet top with black shorts or leggings of choice and bare feet for class and also for the Finals performance. 

Competition Programme  (This is a preliminary schedule and times may vary slightly once entries are finalised) 
Friday 17th January at IMPACT DANCE LAB (5/155 Melbourne Rd, Wodonga)
2.00-2.30           Registration and Warm-up
2.30-3.30           Preliminary Sub-Junior Contemporary Classes

Friday 17th January at The Cube, Hovell St, Wodonga
2.00-2.30           Registration and Warm-up
2.30-3.30           Preliminary Junior Contemporary Class
3.45-4.45           Preliminary Senior Contemporary Class
5.00-6.30           Contemporary Solos Sub-Junior- winners announced.
6.45-10.00          Junior and Senior Contemporary Solos- Finalists announced
Saturday 18th January at IMPACT DANCE LAB (5/155 Melbourne Rd, Wodonga)
9.00-10.30         Senior Contemporary Finalists Class and learning original choreography
10.30-12.00        Junior Contemporary Finalists Class and learning original choreography
12.00-1.15         Preliminary SeniorBallet Class
Saturday 18th January at The Cube, Hovell St, Wodonga                                         
8.30-9.00           Registration and Warm-up            

9.00-10.00         Preliminary Sub-Junior Ballet Class                 
10.30-1.00         Sub-Junior Ballet Solos                          
1.15-2.15           Preliminary Junior Ballet Class Group A
2.15-3.15           Preliminary Junior Ballet Class Group B
3.30-5.30            Grand Defilé Rehearsal- All entrants in Classical Ballet sections
6.30-10.00         Junior & Senior Ballet Solos, Finalists announced
Sunday 19th January- Finals and Gala Performance
THE CUBE                                                                 IMPACT DANCE LAB
9.00-10.00      Sub-Junior Ballet Finalists Class         9.00-10.00     Sub-junior Ballet Masterclass*
10.30-11.30    Junior Ballet Finalists Class                10.15-11.30   Junior Ballet Masterclass*
12.00-1.00      SeniorBallet Finalists Class               11.45-1.00     Senior Ballet Masterclass*
1.45-4.00        Grand Defilé Rehearsal on Stage- All entrants in the Classical Ballet sections 
5.00-7.00        Grand Defilé, Finals & Awards Presentation
*These classes are open to all entrants in both Ballet and Contemporary sections who are not finalists.
Audience Passes
For bookings for this event call The Cube Box Office on 02 60229311or visit
Studios for Hire
There are dance studios available for hire in Wodonga for rehearsals in the days prior to and on the Saturday of the Challenge. Email make bookings.​