Friday 19th January at IMPACT DANCE LAB (5/155 Melbourne Rd, Wodonga)

3.30-4.00    Contemporary Registration and Warm-up

4.00-5.00    Preliminary Sub-Junior Contemporary Classes

5.15-6.15    Preliminary Junior Contemporary Class    

Friday 19th January at The Cube, Hovell St, Wodonga

4.30-5.00    Registration and Warm-up

5.00-6.00    Preliminary Senior Contemporary Class

7.00            Contemporary Solos all ages

Saturday 20th January  at The Cube, Hovell St, Wodonga                         

8.30-9.00     Registration and Warm-up            

9.00-10.15    Preliminary Sub-Junior Ballet Class         

10.45-1.00    Sub-Junior Ballet Solos                          

1.30-3.15     Preliminary Senior Ballet Class

3.00-4.15     Preliminary Junior Ballet Class

3.30-5.30    Grand Defilé Rehearsal- All entrants in Classical Ballet sections

6.30             Junior & Senior Ballet Solos, Finalists announced

Sunday 22nd January- Finals and Gala Performance
THE CUBE                                                                IMPACT DANCE LAB

9.00-10.00      Sub-Junior Ballet Finalists Class        9.00-10.00     Sub-junior Ballet Masterclass*

10.30-11.30    Junior Ballet Finalists Class                10.15-11.30   Junior Ballet Masterclass*

12.00-1.00      Senior Ballet Finalists Class                11.45-1.00     Senior Ballet Masterclass*

1.30-2.00        Panel Q & A*

2.15-4.00        Grand Defilé Rehearsal on Stage- All entrants in the Classical Ballet sections 

4.30-7.00        Grand Defilé, Finals & Awards Presentation

*These classes are open to all entrants in both Ballet and Contemporary sections.